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Made-to-measure kitchens in Chelmsford

Serving the surrounding area

Made-to-Measure Kitchens: Welcome

A kitchen tailored for you

Whatever the shape and size of your space, James Pounds Bespoke in Chelmsford can build a made-to-measure kitchen to fit perfectly. We work with you to design your dream kitchen according to your lifestyle and tastes then craft and install your kitchen to the very highest standard.

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Made-to-Measure Kitchens: Text

The design process

Initially, we invite you to look through our kitchen design gallery and Instagram feed to establish the style of kitchen you are most drawn to, and we ask you to make a list of features and appliances that you would love to incorporate into your dream kitchen.

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kitchen plans

Book an initial design consultation

One of our designers will come to the site of your proposed new kitchen and take some initial room dimensions. We’ll have a chat with you about the style of the kitchen that you are drawn towards, get a general feel for how you would like to use the kitchen space, and importantly, establish your budget for the project.

From this initial consultation, we can then start to build up a list of your likes, wants and needs, and come up with an initial design for your beautiful new kitchen.

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3D rendered design

At this point, we expect there will still be some tweaks to be made to the design while we hone in on what's really important to you.

Think of the design process as an open conversation between you and your designer that will continue until we arrive at your dream kitchen.

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Made-to-Measure Kitchens: About
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Once we have finalised a design layout that you are happy with we will generate a written preliminary quotation. Assuming you are happy we ask you for a small non-refundable design fee of £300.00. This fee will then be taken off the final sale price should you go ahead with the order.

We then produce a fully realised colour render of your design to give you a real sense of how it will look in your home using the colour scheme you have chosen.

Made-to-Measure Kitchens: About

Build and Install

We’ll build your dream made-to-measure kitchen to our exacting standards and from the finest materials and install it for a perfect finish.

Building a kitchen
Made-to-Measure Kitchens: About

Get the kitchen of your dreams

For premium made-to-measure kitchens in Chelmsford or the surrounding area, contact James Pounds Bespoke to arrange a consultation. The kitchen of your dreams is only a phone call away.

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